Turn your table into a charging surface. A Charging Pad installed under any desktop allows for seamless Always On experience. Place your mobile phone, laptop, earphones, speaker on the surface and they will automatically start charging. All of them, simultaneously. Move, shift, rearrange them and stay charged while working. No more cables and adapters needed. Never running out of charge is the norm of tomorrow.
Making drone automation effortless. MePower recharge the drone's battery between flights so you don't have to. Be it for aerial photography, courier services or disaster relief — battery life is no longer a limitation. Land it — charge it.
Power up without plugging in. Once the car is parked above the charging surface - the vehicle gets connected to the power network. Automatically, without cables and adapters. MePower charges a vehicle as fast as a cable, irrespective of the weather conditions or a car model.
Take charge of your day. Meredot brings power outlets to the whole new level of user experience. Aiming the plug direct, at an angle or not aiming at all - magnetic connection will help you switch it on. Keep calm & relax: your kids are safe now. No electrical contacts — no electrocutions.
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Meredot is more than a work of art, it's a breakthrough in technology. Our patented power platform allows MePower for multiple devices to be charged at the same time on a distance. And it follows existing FCC safety rules. The result is safe, seamless power.
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