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Indoor LEV Wireless Charging

The most efficient station on the market

Launch Date - January 2024

Infinity Charger

Introducing our cutting-edge next-gen technology, a revolutionary leap in the world of 'contactless' wireless charging. Specifically crafted for Light Electrical Vehicles (LEV) and Robots, our innovated autonomous charging station caters to a diverse range of applications, from material handling carts and e-shopping carts to mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, food delivery robots, and more.

Contactless Charging Pad

Charges wirelessly as fast as a wired connection.

Power: 2,000 W (200 W per pad)

Efficiency: 93%

Misalignment: Up to 10cm

Distance: Up to 10cm

(Between Receiver and Pad)

Available as a single pad or up to 10 pads per station

Charging Station With Pads In A Row
Charging Station With Pads Either Side Of Station
Revolutionary Design Icon

This revolutionary design, influenced by user feedback, introduces the innovative Contactless Multi-Pad Charging Station.

10 Pad Design Icon

Boasting up to 10 equally powerful charging pads with LED indicators and featuring a versatile design tailored to accommodate any wheel count, it sets a new standard in charging convenience and efficiency.

Electric Shopping Cart

Examples of supported LEVs and Robots

Electric Shopping Carts

Electric Scooter

Electric Scooters

Food Delivery Robot

Food Delivery Robots

Material Handling Cart

Material Handling Carts

Electric Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchairs

Mobility Scooter

3 and 4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Infinity Charger Wireless Charging Station
Charge Icon

Charges as fast as a wired connection

Indoor and Outdoor Icon

Charges indoors and outdoors

Works With Autonomous And Manual Devices Icon

Works with autonomous and manual devices

Invisible to all weather conditions icon

Snow, ice, and dirt are all invisible to the system

Human and pet safe icon

Human and pet safe

Elevated Fleet Operations

  • Enable Real-Time Monitoring: Remotely track docked vehicles and battery charge 24/7.

  • Flexible Monitoring Choices: Choose between Meredot’s included fleet management portal or create a custom integration with your software.

  • Boost Operational Efficiency: Reduce labor costs associated with manual fleet checks and device downtime

  • Proactive Maintenance: Detect and address issues early to prevent costly breakdowns, as well as depleted battery charges, and ensure uninterrupted fleet operation.

Fleet Management Portal
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