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EV Wireless Charging Solutions

Fueling the future for micro-mobility and robots

Contactless Wireless Charging 

Meredot's propriety autonomous technology establishes a new standard for efficiency, offering the most efficient wireless charging stations in the market, matching the speed of wired connections.

Our technology seamlessly adapts to your needs, whether integrated into the manufacturing process or retrofitted for convenience.



Over 93%



Up to 10cm



Up to 30cm

* Between Receiver and Pad

Why Go Wireless With

  • No cords, tripping, or forgetting to charge

  • Contactless Charging - No Precise parking required

  • Works indoors and outdoors. Human and pet safe

  • Snow, ice, and dirt are all invisible to the system

  • Enhanced fleet and battery operations for improved performance

  • Simplified daily operations and extends battery charge and battery life

  • Compatible with most devices 

  • Aesthetically pleasing and durable materials

  • Can be securely attached or inserted into the ground


Meet our CEO

Roman Bysko

We integrate incredibly advanced technology into a compact form, enabling an autonomous charging experience every time you park a vehicle over the hub. Park and charge every time.

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