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Meredot partners with The Swiss Furnace

We are thrilled to share that after months of dedicated efforts, we've formed a groundbreaking partnership with The Swiss Furnace GmbH. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in society's journey towards harnessing solar energy more effectively.

The Swiss Furnace, a pioneer in the energy sector, is transforming industrial energy consumption with Swiss precision and cutting-edge technology. Their latest innovation, the SF900 system, represents a leap in Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) technology. It's a high-temperature, plug-and-operate solution enabling industries to efficiently utilize the sun's abundant energy. Imagine powering high-temperature industrial processes with sustainable solar power – this is the future we're heading towards!

This partnership holds immense significance for us. As our CEO, Roman Bysko, eloquently puts it, "Meredot provides a complex solution to autonomous cleaning robots to facilitate the transition to green power energy." Our collaboration with Swiss Furnace propels us further along this path.

A heartfelt thanks to Cem Vardar the Co-Founder of The Swiss Furnace, and everyone who played a part in forging this alliance. Together, we're not just envisioning a brighter, more sustainable future – we're actively creating it!


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